The dirtiest federal courthouse in America

It’s payback time. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will probably disbar me by the end of next week. The court gave me less than 30 days notice of an August 30, 2016 trial date, it will not allow me to present any witnesses at my trial, and it is giving me a total of 30 minutes to defend my reputation, my career, and my livelihood. That’s the sort of “justice” I would expect in Cuba or China.

Ellen-Segal-Huvelle-Article-201406250956And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve followed this blog or read, you know that I filed a judicial misconduct complaint against U.S. District Judge Ellen S. Huvelle in early 2015 after I learned that she had secretly communicated ex parte with my opposing counsel while a case was pending in her courtroom. Attorneys Patrick Kearney and Michael Bramnick forged their client’s signature onto a false affidavit, knowingly filed false discovery responses to hide an adverse witness, and suborned perjury, but Judge Huvelle repeatedly refused to do anything about it.

After trial, I learned that Judge Huvelle had been secretly relaying messages to Mr. Kearney or Mr. Bramnick (or someone working with them) around the same time that the chicanery was happening in her courtroom. I also learned that Mr. Bramnick tampered with the medical records of his client, William C. Cartinhour, Jr., in order to conceal the fact that Mr. Cartinhour is a paranoid schizophreic and a pathological liar. Worse, Judge Huvelle may have learned about the schizophrenia during ex parte communications with Mr. Cartinhour’s psychiatrist (I cannot yet say for certain because the courts have blocked my access to the evidence). If so, she never tried to stop the fraud. … Read more

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission seeks to block release of records about whether its agents adequately intervened in attempted murder

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to block the release of records about a July 23, 2016 incident where two TABC agents allegedly failed to intervene in a shooting that they witnessed in Dallas.

agency patchBack on July 26, I received this tip from a retired TABC agent:

Sometime over the last few evenings a TABC vehicle containing a veteran Sgt and a newer agent was stopped at a red light in the Dallas area. Another vehicle was stopped two lanes over in the same direction. This vehicle contained numerous African Americans and they started shouting threats and slurs toward the TABC vehicle. A second vehicle pulled into the lane that separated the TABC vehicle and the first vehicle. This second vehicle also contained African Americans. Suddenly a person exited the second vehicle with a handgun and fired numerous shots at point blank range into the first vehicle. The TABC Sgt and agent drew their weapons but DID not engage the shooter but instead waited until he reentered the second vehicle and drove away. The TABC vehicle followed until they lost the vehicle containing the shooter.

The TABC Arlington Major commended the Sgt for the action she took and not engaging the suspect. Unknown if any injuries or deaths.

I filed a public information request on the following day, and last week TABC attorney Charles Wallace requested a legal opinion from Mr. Paxton about whether the agency was required to release the records. Mr. Wallace also notified the Dallas Police Department that it might want to object to the release of the records.* … Read more