Woohoo! I just got fired!


Uncle RemusThe Bryan-College Station Eagle reported today that I was fired by the Calvert Historical Foundation, and that I will no longer be representing the foundation (for free) against former Robertson County District Attorney John C. Paschall. It appears that Bryan F. “Rusty” Russ, Jr., the attorney representing Mr. Paschall, engineered a hostile takeover of the foundation.

Click here to see the letter to Judge H.D. Black, Jr. that is referenced in The Eagle. Rusty has tried every stunt imaginable over the last three years in order to force me off the case, and I’m sure Rusty thought he was sticking a knife in me. Instead, he has done me a big favor. As I explained in the letter, I am planning to move to New York, and I was worried about finding someone to take over the case. That is no longer my problem, and I feel like Br’er Rabbit getting thrown into the briar patch.

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