Hillary Clinton is not out of the woods yet (and neither am I)

After almost ten months in limbo, the Arkansas Bar is finally nearing a decision on my bar grievance against Hillary Clinton. According to an email that I received this afternoon from Michael Harmon, deputy director of the Arkansas Supreme Court’s Office of Professional Conduct, he plans to respond to the Clinton grievance by the middle of July. Meanwhile, California is trying to disbar me after I wrote about a corrupt bar prosecutor who withheld exculpatory evidence (more on that below).

As my readers know, I filed grievances against Mrs. Clinton and attorneys David Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson for destroying email evidence in the midst of criminal and Congressional investigations as well as civil litigation.  Mrs. Clinton’s attorneys are licensed in D.C. and Maryland, and both bars dismissed my complaints without an investigation. I filed suit to compel the D.C. Bar to investigate, but the D.C. Court of Appeals whitewashed the matter.  I also filed suit in Maryland, and on May 25, 2017 an assistant attorney general filed a motion to dismiss the case and a motion to seal it (my responses to those motions can be found here and here, respectively).

Why would they want to seal the case? Perhaps because they don’t want the public to see what really happens behind closed doors. Consider this: if a storefront divorce lawyer in Western Maryland had systematically destroyed thousands of items of evidence, is there any doubt that Maryland’s Office of Bar Counsel would file charges? Of course not.  Yet when Hillary’s lawyers commit such crimes, the Office of Bar Counsel turns a blind eye.

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