Bank on it: the FBI is hiding records about Seth Rich

Now, back to today’s events. In the response filed this afternoon, the FBI attacked the statements of Mr. Isikoff and Ms. Hines as “unsworn” and “hearsay,” and it insisted that it did not need to conduct any more searches for records about Mr. Rich. Mind you, I’m just asking the FBI to pick up the phone and call its Computer Analysis Response Team (“CART”) and ask whether CART has any records about Seth Rich. The FBI refuses to do that, even though it has twice called the Washington Field Office (“WFO”) to ask whether WFO had any records about Mr. Rich.

According to the FBI, any CART records would have shown up in the index search of the FBI’s Central Records System (“CRS”). As I explained in a September 17, 2019 motion, however, the FBI had already admitted that not everything gets entered in the CRS. And now we’ve got the former prosecutor who was assigned to Seth Rich’s case admitting that the FBI investigated his electronic devices… yet the FBI refuses to search for records in CART, the place where such records would most likely be found. Suspicious, no?

Judge Bloom scheduled a telephone hearing for 11:15 a.m. on Friday, October 15, 2019, to discuss my motion and the FBI’s response. As you can see from that motion, I’ve asked for permission to take testimony from Ms. Sines, the chief of CART, and the head of the FBI’s FOIA response unit. Somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do.

Incidentally, a couple of sources forwarded an October 2, 2019 press release about a former D.C. federal prosecutor who was investigated for leaking information from a D.C. Superior Court grand jury. Any grand jury investigation of Mr. Rich’s murder would have occurred before a Superior Court grand jury, and Ms. Sines made some pretty shocking revelations to Mr. Isikoff. Is she the leaker?