Coach Steve Mulkey on administrative leave

UPDATE:  Union Grove ISD placed Coach Steve Mulkey on administrative leave, and he will not be teaching during the Fall semester. The school board will meet tonight to determine its next steps. I am informed that the Texas Education Agency will likely appoint an independent hearing examiner to investigate the claims against Mulkey.

The three publicly-identified victims already intend to testify, as does one more. Others are deciding when/whether to step forward.  Finally, I understand that Coach Mulkey has a lot of supporters. So did Jerry Sandusky. I am not asking people on either side to make a decision at this point — quite the contrary, in fact — but please keep an open mind until you have heard all the evidence.

If you want to attack me, go for it. But if you start attacking the victims, you’ll get blocked.

CORRECTION: Coach Mulkey was placed on administrative leave “pending further notice.” That decision can be made by the superintendent without school board approval. It is not clear when / whether he will return to the school. And TEA will not appoint a hearing examiner unless/until the board takes action.

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