DPS releases report about demoted Texas Ranger

Somebody in the Horaney family apparently got fed up, however, because Major Grover Huff wrote in an August 8, 2017 memo that a family member reported the affair directly to him. You can read the entire investigative file by clicking here. The Office of Inspector General recorded its interview of Mr. Davis, and I’ve uploaded that file to YouTube.

What a horrible situation for Ron Horaney’s kids and his mom. According to a July 27, 2017 email from Major Huff, they were all present at Ron and Faezah’s home on Memorial Day when he was gunned down. And now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they have to deal with Mr. Davis’s exploitation of the tragedy.

Shortly after I broke the story about Mr. Davis’s demotion, a high school friend (and fellow ex-cop) sent me a link to a letter to the editor of Polk County Today. According to the author, Brian Lathan, a Texas Ranger began having an affair with Mr. Lathan’s wife while he was supposed to be investigating the murder of the couple’s son. Mr. Lathan’s marriage was destroyed and his family further traumatized, but as best I can tell the ranger suffered no adverse consequences.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Davis’s LinkedIn page, he’s playing full-time Rambo on the border, so maybe he’s found himself some female illegal immigrants to chase. Rangers Division Chief Randall Prince noted in a November 14, 2017 letter that Mr. Davis could have been fired for his misconduct. He should have been.

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  1. It’s odd that they both live in Laneville, Tx at the same address. Does he still work for DPS?

  2. I’ll tell you what is odd is that he wasn’t fired immediately without collecting benefits. No excuse for this lax treatment of a cop investigating a murder investigation.

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