The picture that cost Ricky Scaman the sheriff’s race…

Several months ago, I told you about the story of Ricky Scaman, the Republican candidate for sheriff of Falls County, Texas. Ricky the Scandal-man is the one grinning like a possum in the picture to your left, and that picture probably led to his defeat by a mere 14-vote margin.

Earlier in the year, my clients made that picture famous at their own website, i.e., Falls County Republicans nonetheless chose Scandal-man in the primary, but apparently many of those Republicans were unwilling to vote for Scandal-man in November.

Sheriff Ben Kirk, a Democrat, held his job even though Mitt Romney won 62 percent of the vote in Falls County. Hopefully that brings some small comfort to Kirk, whose brother was murdered near Forth Worth on Monday.

CORRECTION (11/7/2012): I mistakenly wrote that my “clients” created Only one of my clients, i.e., Trent Pamplin, created the website.

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