Demoted Texas Ranger suffers new humiliation

Texas State Trooper Brent Davis was stripped of his badge and gun last week, according to multiple sources, almost three years after being demoted from the Texas Rangers. As usual, the Texas Department of Public Safety is trying to keep things quiet.

The former ranger gained notoriety in 2018 after DPS learned that he had been sleeping with the widow of Ron Horaney of Longview, whose murder he was supposed to be investigating. The revelation caused considerable embarrassment to DPS and likely compromised the murder investigation.

According to my sources, several rangers appeared last week at DPS offices in Tyler, where Trooper Davis had been patrolling a desk since 2018, and they removed all law-enforcement property assigned to Davis, including his uniform and state vehicle. One source informed me this afternoon that Davis submitted his retirement papers this week.

Former and current DPS personnel initially suspected that Davis was stripped of his weapons because he would soon be arrested. As I reported in early 2019, several of my law enforcement friends thought Davis and the widow, Faezah Horaney, should have been at the top of the list of murder suspects. [Continued on p.2].

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