Coach Mulkey resigns from Union Grove

As reported in the Longview News-Journal today, Coach Steve Mulkey resigned from Union Grove ISD. According to the News-Journal article, “[school] officials have not said what the investigation involved.”  Well, anyone who has been following this blog knows exactly what the investigation involved, but I’ll add some details.

On August 15, 2012, six women were deposed (under oath) by two school district attorneys in the presence of the superintendent, a court reporter, and me.  The names of three victims were already known, but three more stepped forward.  The nature of the testimony varied from verbal solicitation and providing alcohol to minors to the forcible rape of a 14-year-old girl.

In my opinion, we had enough evidence to convict Steve Mulkey criminally, but for the expiration of the limitations period. In addition to the women who testified, we have produced the names of two male witnesses who can corroborate some of the victims’ testimony. One of these men told me that Coach Mulkey held him by the throat against a wall and warned him not to talk about Coach Mulkey’s ongoing relationship with one of the female students.

The school district asked us not to talk about the investigation while it was ongoing, and we respected that. But now the cat is out of the bag, and it’s time to say a few words to the folks on the Supporters of Coach Jerry Sandusky Steve Mulkey Facebook page. Nobody wants to believe that a friend, relative, father-figure, etc. has done something scandalous or immoral. I get that, because I’ve been faced with troublesome accusations against friends and relatives. Some turned out to be true, and some were false.

In either case, you have to withhold judgment until you hear the whole story. Granted, only a handful of us have heard the evidence, so I’m not asking Mulkey’s friends to consider him guilty, at least not yet.  But instead of waiting to hear what some of us already knew, you started shooting the messengers and blaming the victims. Shame on you, especially those of you who smeared the victims as tramps, sluts, etc. You had better pray to God that he shows you more mercy than you showed them. If your daughter got raped as an adolescent, would you want people talking about how she was a slut and she probably brought it on herself?

A lot of people were angry that we posted information on Facebook. Well, Facebook did exactly what we wanted it to do: it identified new victims and new witnesses, particularly among the target population. Unconventional? Sure it was unconventional, but so what? Unfortunately, the publicly-known victims were attacked so viciously that it probably deterred other victims / witnesses from coming forward. But the truth is going to come out, regardless of whether anybody likes it.

The state board of teacher certification has given Coach Mulkey until September 18, 2012 to submit a written response to the allegations against him or appear in Austin for an investigative interview. Alternatively,  he could surrender his teaching certificate. I’ll post an update when I hear something.

In the meantime, my earlier offer still stands. If Coach Mulkey wants to tell his side of the story, we’ll post it here.

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