An open letter to Scrappy Holmes

Clifton L. “Scrappy” Holmes

Dear Mr. Holmes,

As you know, I represent the six women who have accused your client, Steve Mulkey, of sexual misconduct at Union Grove Independent School District. According to a story that ran on the KLTV website yesterday, you said Coach Mulkey “has had his career and life destroyed by slanderous lies, and is forced to resign because he does not have the financial resources to fight the accusations.”

Let’s get our facts straight here. Your client didn’t just decide to throw in the towel after a termination hearing. No, he refused to answer any questions at all from the school district. Granted, I don’t know what your hourly rates are, but I can’t imagine that Coach Mulkey would suffer financial ruin if he decided to spend 2-3 hours answering questions.

Regardless, I don’t believe it’s in your client’s interest to turn this into a credibility contest. I have six transcripts that I could post, plus a couple of photographs. I also have another eight corroborating witnesses who have not yet testified (because we only had time for the six victims’ testimony on August 15, 2012), but I could get written or audio witness statements and post them online.

You haven’t seen any of this, so you really don’t have any way of knowing whether your client resigned because of “slanderous lies.” And you haven’t seen the evidence because your client threw in the towel before the fight started. Whereas my clients have offered to take polygraph tests, we have yet to hear anything from your client about taking a polygraph test.

My clients have been through enough already, and I am not going to sit on the sidelines while you or anyone else tries to impugn them as liars. If you’re wondering how bad this could get, you should consider that we’ve heard from an ex-wife or two, and we know why they divorced your client. And yes, I’ve been told about what happened in Greenville. Bottom line, we can make this just as ugly as y’all want it. But then that’s not really in anybody’s interest, is it?

/s/ Ty Clevenger




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