Another day, another dirty trick in Booger County

The Booger County Mafia just won’t give up. I learned this afternoon that the Hearne Police Department plans to file an “assault by contact” charge against my client, City Councilman Rodrick Jackson. That’s a Class C misdemeanor, i.e., the equivalent of a traffic ticket, and a far cry from the original Facebook smear that Mr. Jackson had engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor.

Even so, it’s a bogus charge, and it appears to be politically motivated. Below I’ve reprinted my letter to Interim City Manager John Naron and City Attorney George Hyde. If the Mafia boys want to play hardball, I’ll be glad to take them to school. They should know by now that I bring guns to knife fights, and I bring tanks to gun fights.

On that note, I’ll go ahead and mention that I’ve been investigating the 1997 death of David Alvarado. Councilman Emmett Aguirre, does that make you nervous? It should. There’s no limitations period for a murder charge, and I don’t think a case should be dismissed just because somebody hired Rusty Russ.

If you’re reading this and you know something about Alvarado’s death, send me an email or give me a call. And stay tuned. I’ll have more Booger County news tomorrow afternoon. Here’s the letter:

Mr. Naron and Mr. Hyde:

I received the attached email from Dennis Phillips this afternoon, and I am not amused. I notified my client, Mr. Jackson, and he immediately called Chief Thomas Williams. Mr. Jackson told Chief Williams that Lt. Pat Armstrong had already said the complainant’s story was not credible and no charges would be filed. According to Mr. Jackson, Chief Williams replied that his department had since come under “pressure” from the complainant’s family to take action, so now a Class C charge will be filed.

Why is a newspaper publisher being told about forthcoming charges against my client before me or my client? The Hearne Police Department had already referred this case to District Attorney Coty Siegert, and Mr. Siegert asked the Texas Rangers to investigate the allegations against Mr. Jackson. Cindy Wallace, one of Mr. Siegert’s staff members, told Mr. Jackson that the Rangers found no reason to file charges. So why has the somewhat less illustrious Hearne Police Department decided that it needs to take up the case again after referring it to another agency? Does somebody have an axe to grind? And does somebody want the case tried in municipal court, i.e., in front of “Judge” Hazel Embra?

When (not “if”) Mr. Jackson beats the charge before a jury, I intend to file suit for malicious prosecution, and you can rest assured that I’ll be deposing Chief Williams, Lt. Armstrong, and maybe the entire department to find out who decided to play politics with this case. And I’ll probably ask the Robertson County Grand Jury to indict some officers for official oppression.

Your officers might want to think long and hard before they pick this fight.


/s/ Ty Clevenger


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