Suspended Hearne PD officer still wearing gun and badge

A suspended Hearne police sergeant still works an off-duty security job in uniform while he is paid to not work for the City of Hearne, according to a local club manager.

Sgt. Stephen Yohner, a.k.a. “Sgt. Tallywacker,” was suspended with pay on March 31, 2017 for sending photos of his gonads to “one or more female employees” of the City of Hearne and carrying on extramarital affairs while he was supposed to be supervising a patrol shift, according to court documents. But Sgt. Tallywacker still works as needed at a private club in Bryan where alcohol is served, according to the manager of that club.

I’ll omit the name of the club and the manager for now, but the manager told me this morning that Sgt. Tallywacker worked in uniform as recently as Friday night. I could not reach Hearne Police Chief Thomas Williams for comment, and Mayor Ruben Gomez and Interim City Manager John “Boy Wonder” Naron have not yet responded to my emails.

Has anyone at city hall considered the potential legal problems that could arise if the city allows a suspended officer to work private security? Hearne has an unusually high rate of police shootings for a city its size, and Sgt. Tallywacker was involved in such a shooting in 2012. Just imagine what would happen if he had to use his weapon off duty, even if it was a clean shoot.

As I reported on Saturday, Mayor Gomez, Boy Wonder, and other Booger County Mafia knuckleheads have applied a double standard to protect Sgt. Tallywacker, who appears to be one of their cronies.  So remember, city elections will be held May 6, 2017, and early voting is already under way. If you like all of the corruption and scandal swirling around Hearne, then vote to re-elect Mayor Gomez and Councilman Emmett Aguirre, and vote to bring back former Councilwoman LaShunda White, a.k.a. “LaShunda Sellout.” If you want a change of direction, then vote for the reformers: Milton Johnson, Ola Mae Redmond, and Shirley Harris.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post erroneously reported that Sgt. Tallywacker participated in a controversial rap video. In reality, another officer was featured in the video.

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