The end of one campaign, the beginning of another?

John C. Paschall

I had planned to write more about Robertson County DA John Paschall before today’s election, but a couple of my friends made a really good observation: if people still supported Paschall after what already had been revealed on this website and, then nothing else could change their minds.

Most of the old Booger County Democratic political machine will remain in place, regardless of who becomes DA, although it will be weakened tremendously if Paschall is defeated. Without a compromised and incompetent alcoholic as DA, it will be a lot harder to cover up the crime and corruption in the courthouse.

Either way, District Judge Robert M. Stem will face an election in 2014 (unless he resigns or retires). Judge Stem has long been the string puppet for Palmos, Russ, McCullough, & Russ, PLLC, and for at least two generations, that law firm has been at the center of most of the dirty politics and corruption in Robertson County. [more…]

In 2009, I filed a motion outlining the improper relationship between Judge Stem and the law firm, as well as other evidence of Judge Stem’s misconduct, and you can read that by clicking here (As you can see in those documents, I also represented Judge Stem’s own mother against him). Thus far, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct has protected Judge Stem, as have his fellow judges. But they can’t protect him from the voters.

So, should I keep running and use it for Judge Stem and the rest of the Booger County machine, or should I pick another website? Suggestions are welcome.

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