FBI changes story, finally admits it has thousands of pages of documents about Seth Rich

There are reasons why I’ve refused to let go of this story, but unfortunately I cannot discuss most of those reasons publicly. On October 12. 2020, for example, I sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr and Special Counsel John Durham about evidence that is covered by a protective order but very pertinent to the “Russian collusion” investigation (the letter is misdated “2019”). Read the letter for yourself, and then ask yourself why Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham have ignored it. In particular, ask yourself why Mr. Durham refuses to investigate anything related to Seth Rich.

And why is Fox News working so hard to kill this story? I wish I could say more about Fox’s behind-the-scenes treachery — and someday hopefully I will — but rest assured that Malia Zimmerman’s May 17, 2017 story about Mr. Rich was fully vetted by senior Fox management. I repeatedly encouraged Fox’s attorneys to postpone settlement discussions with Seth Rich’s parents until I obtained the FBI records (my client, Ed Butowsky, was a co-defendant with Fox), but Fox was hellbent on settling the case in October / November. That’s around the time Rupert Murdoch publicly joined forces with Joe Biden. Fox had a very strong defense, yet it rolled over and played dead, settling the lawsuit and then firing Ms. Zimmerman. Sooner or later, the full story will come out, and it will be very ugly for Fox News and the Murdoch family.

Speaking of bad journalism…

Well-known journalists like David Isikoff at NPR, Andy Kroll at Rolling Stone, and Michael Isikoff at Yahoo!News have been acting more like government propagandists where the Seth Rich story is concerned, and they have not hesitated to smear people (like my client, Mr. Butowsky) who dare to question the official narrative. Consider this excerpt from a November 24, 2020 hit piece by Folkenflik:

Behind the scenes, [Zimmerman’s] reporting depended heavily upon the involvement of investment advisor Edward Butowsky, then an unpaid Fox News commentator. In public, the story relied upon quotes from a private investigator that he never said, as both Zimmerman and Butowsky later acknowledged in a taped conversation.

The second sentence is entirely fabricated, because the “taped conversation” never happened. In fact, the private investigator, Rod Wheeler, had approved the quotes in writing before the story was published. Worse, Folkenflik knew all of that because he spent more than two years in litigation with my client, Mr. Butowsky, and he had access to all of the evidence.

I never intended to be a defamation lawyer — I’m a former journalist, after all — but people like Folkenflik, Kroll, and Stone have changed my mind. For the sake of the country, we need to start suing dirty journalists into bankruptcy.

If you know something, say something

If you have any tips, send them my way. If you’re inside the government, we can form an attorney-client relationship or I can put you in touch with a whistleblower attorney.

185 thoughts on “FBI changes story, finally admits it has thousands of pages of documents about Seth Rich

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