Judge Roe, it’s time to put up or shut up

Robertson County Judge Jan Roe is fit to be tied. In a recent post on her campaign Facebook page, Judge Roe claimed — without any specifics whatsoever — that I was “lying” on this blog and elsewhere, then she suggested that I was obsessed and deranged. This reminds me of the good old days in the courthouse, when then-District Attorney John Paschall (a political ally of Judge Roe) would publicly call me a “queer” or a “homo.” (I’m straight, but thanks for your interest, John).

Beneath Roe’s Facebook post, I posted a comment asking Roe to identify specifically what she thought I was lying about. I also offered to let Roe write her own rebuttal, which I would post verbatim and unedited on this blog. Roe quickly deleted the comment (and I am informed that she has deleted every other comment that disagreed with her post).

Yesterday, I sent the following e-mail to Judge Roe:

Judge Roe,

[Name deleted] informed me about your objections to my October 19, 2014 blog post. If I have misstated something, I certainly want to correct it. According to [name deleted], your original argument in January centered on your definition of “disabled” and did not concern your use of a vote harvester to collect absentee ballots. [Name deleted] said that argument arose later. If you believe anything else is incorrect, please identify the error with as much specificity as possible. Alternatively, you can write your own version of events or your own response, and I will post it on my blog unedited. Thank you.

Ty Clevenger

As of this afternoon, Judge Roe still has not responded, and I am not holding my breath. Like most bullies, Judge Roe pushes people around, then cries foul when somebody pushes back.  Regardless, my offer to post her rebuttal on this blog still stands. She and all of her cronies can also post whatever they wish in the comments section below, and they can do it without fear that their comments will be deleted.

I have nothing to hide. How about you, Judge Roe?

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