Hillary Clinton’s lawyers may yet face justice for destroying evidence

A lawsuit that seeks to force the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission to investigate Hillary Clinton’s lawyers will not be dismissed, according to an order that I received today, and those lawyers may yet have to answer for destroying thousands of emails.

In a long footnote, Anne Arundel Circuit Judge Ronald A. Silkworth rejected the rationale of Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, an ardent Clinton supporter, to dismiss the case on its face.* That means bar prosecutors will have to explain themselves, and they may have to turn over documents and answer questions under oath.

Frankly, I’m surprised. I’ve previously written about how the Arkansas Bar buried my complaint against Mrs. Clinton, and how the D.C. Bar buried my complaint against David Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson, i.e., the same lawyers I complained about in Maryland. It looks like Maryland is going a different direction.

Normally I’d include more detail in my post, but a friend died unexpectedly yesterday and I don’t particularly feel like blogging.  Feel free to post your own analysis in the comments section below.

* I did not post the order because the case has been sealed.

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