Hearne may terminate female officer who reported sexual harassment

File this under “Sue me, please.”

The City of Hearne may terminate the female police officer who filed a sexual harassment complaint against former Sgt. Stephen Yohner, a.k.a. “Sgt. Tallywacker,” as soon October.

According to a letter from Hearne City Manager John “Boy Wonder” Naron dated July 28, 2017, the city placed Officer Jennifer Passmore on 12-weeks of leave per the Family Medical Leave Act effective August 1, 2017.  If she does not return to duty by October 24, 2017, she will have to reapply for her job, i.e., she will be terminated.

Officer Passmore has been on medical leave since December 10, 2016, when a suspect resisted arrest and fractured her pelvis.  While on medical leave, she provided city officials with text messages from Sgt. Tallywacker, one of which included a photograph of his male appendage.

Other current and former employees followed suit, filing complaints about Sgt. Tallywacker and alleging widespread misconduct in Hearne PD. The sergeant was placed on administrative leave and ultimately decided to “pursue other opportunities.” Four months later, city officials began the process of forcing Officer Passmore off the payroll.

Coincidence? I doubt it. We’re talking about Hearne, after all.

In an email this afternoon, I asked Mr. Naron, “Did Officer Passimore’s termination have anything to do with her complaint against Sgt. Yohner?”

His response: “She has not been terminated and I have not heard anything about her being terminated…… ”

Whatever. He knew what I meant.

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